Basic Hoof Care for Horses

Understand how to care of horses' hooves, which is vital to their overall health and well-being. More...  More»

Managing Invasive Species: The Asian Green Mussel

Learn about the invasive Asian green mussel, a marine animal that can displace native species, such as oysters. More...  More»

Picnic Food Safety

UF/IFAS food safety specialist Dr. Keith Schneider shares tips to keep your food safe at a picnic.  More»

Spring Vegetable Garden

From the sun to fresh air to nutritious fresh vegetables to even exercise, growing a vegetable garden offers plenty of benefits. When you pay attention to the right planting dates, vegetables can be grown year-round in Florida. While this guide provides recommendations primarily for home gardens, the information may be useful for container, community, and market gardens, as well as others. Steps to a Vegetable Garden  More»

Seasonal Sustainability: Spring

Many people think of warm weather when they think about spring, but the season can also bring opportunities for sustainability. The following are some practices you can do to consider the environment this spring: Take advantage of the weather by walking or riding a bike instead of driving. If you’re spring cleaning, don’t forget to recycle, eCycle, and donate things you don’t need. During the day, use shades, drapes, or blinds to  More»

Helping Children with Homework

While many students may not enjoy homework, it teaches them organizational skills and lets them work independently. Completing homework each night also provides practice for what they learned in class. Homework can also be beneficial to parents and caregivers by giving them a chance to see what their children are learning in school. Parents and caregivers can show their children that homework is important by helping with  More»