How to Store Pesticides

Learn how to safely and properly store pesticides. More...  More»

Shark Attacks: Reducing the Risks

While swimming in the surf or catching some waves, you may have wondered how you would react if a shark swam by or—even worse—attacked. Although you have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning than getting attacked by a shark, it is still important to learn about shark attacks and how to avoid sharks. Types of Unprovoked Attacks In 2014, the United States reported 52 shark attacks, which was five more than the previous year,  More»

Sun Safety

The sweltering sun can brighten vacations, but it can also bring two unwanted problems: sunburn and heatstroke. Keep your skin and body healthy by staying hydrated, cool, and covered this summer. Keep Covered Damaging UV rays do not need to cause sunburn to hurt your skin—they can cause damage in only 15 minutes. In fact, the sun doesn't even need to be out for you to be exposed to UV rays. Follow these suggestions for UV  More»

Planting in July

July brings some of the hottest temperatures throughout Florida, so residents should choose heat-tolerant plants when gardening. To see what you should plant this month, use these recommendations based on Florida’s climate regions. You can identify your region with thegardening region map. North Florida Annuals: Gardeners in north Florida  More»

Energy Efficiency Incentives

Improving your home’s energy efficiency can help you save money by reducing home energy bills. Sometimes these efficiency measures have high up-front costs that inhibit homeowners from making upgrades, despite long-term savings. Incentives offered by federal, state, and local governments and utility providers can help homeowners afford these projects. Efficiency Measures Besides lowering costs for consumers, energy efficiency lowers  More»


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