Is Value-Added Agriculture Right for Me?

Many agricultural producers have been advised to consider value-added activities in response to declining farm incomes and a competitive global economy. A value-added activity is an activity traditionally performed at another stage in the supply chain or one that has never been performed. For example, a farmer could sell produce directly to restaurants or host festivals at the farm. Such activities may increase net farm incomes, but producers  More»

August Wildlife Happenings

Wildlife comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes this month—from hatching sea turtles to migrating yellow warblers. More...  More»

Purchasing Different Types of Eggs

Did you know people have been eating eggs for centuries? Although the first domesticated birds arrived in the Americas in 1493 with Christopher Columbus, records show the Chinese and Egyptians raised birds for eggs as early as 1400 BC. Today, most stores in the United States sell brown or white chicken eggs, but consumers still have many choices. The following are some of the options you may encounter on a trip to the grocery store or  More»

Planting in August

August marks the transition from summer to fall—especially in your garden. If you're wondering what you should plant this month, then use these suggestions based on the Florida climate zones. To find out which region you live in, take a look at the gardening region map. North Florida Bedding Plants: Because August includes some  More»

Alternative Sustainable Mulches

Go green with some sustainable mulches that can be an alternative for the landscape. More...  More»

Florida’s Spiny Lobster Recreational Regulations

Starting on August 6 and ending March 31, hundreds of thousands of boaters, divers, and snorkelers search along Florida’s coastal waterways and throughout the Florida Keys for spiny lobsters. Florida provides 100 percent of the nation's commercial spiny lobster landings, making it the state's most valuable fishery. Not only that, but south Florida and the Florida Keys rake in about $24 million each year thanks to recreational lobster  More»